On Duck and Hair Care

One of my most favourite things to do is to go out for dinner at a nice restaurant. And why not? Having gourmet food prepared for you while you relax and sip a glass of wine is pretty enjoyable. For Valentines Day, Steve and I went to Post 390 in Back Bay and the whole evening was just perfect. I had a glass of Cabernet from Chile with my meal, which was coffee roasted duck breast with red cabbage and cheddar bacon polenta. When I’m out for dinner I always try to choose something that I would never make for myself at home- I don’t often (fine, ever) make duck for myself so it was a great choice for dinner. I’ve eaten at Post before and knew the blackberry hoisin sauce that comes with the peking duck potstickers was divine and so I requested a side of it for my duck breast, which turned out to be a good move.

Steve ordered the chicken grilled under a brick (I’m not sure how it’s physically made but it sure tasted great) which came with spinach and potatoes, and we ordered a side of sour cream biscuits that kind of stole the show- they were rich and light and came with a sweet-sour chutney and I probably could have just eaten a big plate of them for my dinner.

I’m drooling just looking at these pictures again.

The other fun part about going out to eat is getting dressed and made up before you go. (This is my attempt at a segway to hair care, so please just go with it haha). I realized a little late yesterday that I was all out of conditioner and kind of needed to shower before going out, so when Steve said he was going to BJ’s (it’s like Costco) I decided to go with him and see if I could find a decent conditioner in bulk. Steve’s aunt is a hairstylist who apparently swears by Biolage, so I was pretty stoked to see that BJ’s carries the brand in large (though still expensive) sizes and decided to try it out. Anyway, enough with the intro, end result is that I am officially obsessed with the Biolage Color Care Conditioner! My hair is so soft and shiny after just one wash, and the best part is that a gentle salon smell lingers in my hair after it has been dried and through to the next morning! Yes, that’s correct, I woke up this morning and the first thing I smell is my hair. I am in love, and as usual, it’s kind of a costly love.

What is your favourite hair care product and why do you love it?
I think we’ve just established my favourite.

What is the best or most memorable (for good or bad reasons) meal you’ve ever ordered out at a restaurant?
Last night’s duck was pretty awesome, I’ve also tried Cornish Hen which I loved, and I’ve had some pretty crazy things at sushi restaurants- like the soft shell crab roll, which came with the crab legs sticking out of the end of the roll! It was crunchy and looked weird but I ate it. And liked it.


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4 responses to “On Duck and Hair Care

  1. That duck looks fantastic!

    I wish I could find an eco-friendly hair care line that I love, but my favourites are still Bedhead and Bumble & Bumble!!


  2. I’ve never had duck! I know I’d probably like it but I’ve never been brave enough to order it for a meal…

    I also LOVE biolage. My grandma has used it for years and so have I! I agree that your hair smells so good even the next day :)

  3. HAPPY VALENTINES MY DEAR!! OMG is duck divine or what?!? So good!

    Also biolage is the bomb, I always used it growing up when I was on swim team cuz it kept my blonde tangle free and shiny. But now im old and poor so I use dove :-)

    I’ll be back blogging tomorrow morning!!

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